I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a Comic Convention more.  Great fans, lots of commissions, old and new friends.  First, I’d like to thank my good friend Jeff Brennan for sharing my table and helping me out here and there and my friends from Lee’s Art Shop who visited despite having their own table to tend to.  I’d also like to thank my table neighbors Scott Reed who has done various work for Marvel and DC and Melissa and her husband ( forgot his name, sorry ) of Romantically Apocalyptic who sold a zillion prints and gave me some ideas for next year.  A special thanks to Mathieu Moyen of 6-Commando,  Chris Wrann of Aquarium Drinking and Jason Brubaker of REMIND who attended my  Saturday 5:00 pm  Goldfish Cracker/warm ginger ale party right at my table.   Thanks to Madi, Sara and Max for their exuberance.  Also thanks to Bobby Moynihan of SNL who graciously accepted a copy of Twit Troo of the Moon #2 when I shoved it into his hands!   But mostly thanks to those of you who  paid me your hard earned money for a commission or if you were one of the twenty five people to take a chance and purchase an issue or two of Twit Troo of the Moon.   You renewed my belief in the strip and I promise that next week, after a two month hiatus,  I’ll be posting again.  Thanks so much- Denny