That’s right. I finally got Twit Troo of the Moon #1 off to Kablam for printing. Between all the work it takes to prep a comic for printing and helping out on Metalocalypse with background design for two weeks, I’ve been completely thrown off on doing regular strips.
Well, now its time to get it going again. I’ve been doing about eight strips a month. I’d like to amp that up to twelve a month. It’s tough because I’m such a noodler, but three strips a week is the least of what the big boys do so I’ve got to produce more. I’m always stunned when Dave Kellet of Sheldon talks about how he did daily strips while keeping a full time job for SIX YEARS!
I’m still getting the feel for this whole webcomics culture
and am slowly sinking into some of these great strips. I love all the Half Pixel guys’ strips but I’m also discovering other strips. Last night I read the first 50 strips of “Girls with Slingshots” and today I was catching up on Mathieu
Moyen’s 6-Commando at It took me a a couple of looks since l first saw Mathieu’s strip a year ago to get into this strip, but I’m starting to really enjoy it.
I’m cautiously starting to think it might be great.
Anyways I’ve been posting for only half a year and I’m starting to feel legitimate for having about 65 strips behind me. However some of these creators have thousands of strips done! So I have a ton of work to do. This is very scary but also exciting. So as Diane of “Cheers” once said, in a moment of panic, “Wack to Bork!”