What a crazy week it’s been.  No power for a week PLUS an infected root canal that caused me pain in every conceivable way.   Throbbing pain in the tooth( or rather former tooth), followed by loss of appetite, fever, cold chills, a night where I just couldn’t drink enough water.  Fortunately the tooth pain started up the previous Thursday and I could get to a dentist and get some magic amoxicillin and pain killers.  Had this started up the day before the storm came in, it could have been a bad situation.  I spent the time at my girlfriends place ( which STILL doesn’t have power ) in Jersey City where we were able to witness the sky light up for three straight minutes with flashes of orange white and turquoise as transformers were exploding to the north west of us.  And yet it’s hard to complain or celebrate when I finally got power back yesterday when some people have just been wiped out.  Such a brutal storm.   Every year we’re having the “storm of the century” .    Still as crasy as Sandy was I’m still can’t get over having a snow blizzard on Holloween last year.